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This does not mean at all that they did not go there, just that the leadership in holding the evening was given to the "Sovereign". In addition, the stakes in the new casino were in dollars and higher, and the winnings were paid by American presidents, But, as you know, a holy place is never empty

And the empty gaming niche in the swindler was filled by ... dealers of the Sovereign casino! How do you want it? Know the rules of games, watch how others play, and not try it yourself? Among the Moscow dealers it is difficult to find a person who has not at least once stood on the other side of the table.

So the Sovereign's dealers, having compared the level of rates in the scam with the level of their salary, realized that they could afford to visit their neighbors from time to time. And off we go...

Since the original premises where the Sovereign was located could not accommodate everyone, and there were clearly not enough gaming tables, it was decided to expand the hall with a staff lounge, and move the lounge itself to a rented hotel room on the 7th floor. It was an ordinary double room with two sofas, bath and shower. In between exits to the hall, dealers could relax in it, watch TV, drink tea or coffee. Smoked in the room too.



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