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Learning Management System (LMS)

Basic LMS

Basic Features

  • Create unlimited Users/ Groups

  • Create unlimited organizational units

  • Have unlimited administrators

  • Subscribe to courses from Vaidusi

  • Assign Vaidusi courses to users

  • Detailed user & course reports

  • Courses from free e-learning library plan

  • User training & technical support

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: Free

Monthly Plan: Free

Standard LMS

All Basic Features +

  • Create own course categories

  • Create own classroom/e-learning courses

  • Set enrollment rules for courses

  • Upload & store training content 

  • Communicate through forums, chats etc 

  • Collaborate through blogs, wikis etc

  • Evaluate through surveys, tests etc 

  • Create course administrators

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: ₹ 25,000 (payable yearly)

Monthly Plan: ₹ 30,000 (payable monthly)

Professional LMS

All Standard Features +

LMS branded with company's logo & colour

Options for Customization (charged extra)

  • Configure gamification on LMS

  • Virtual classrooms (webinars)

  • Custom dashboards & analytics

  • Customize Vaidusi's courses

  • Limit course discussion within company

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: ₹ 50,000 (payable yearly)

Monthly Plan: ₹ 60,000 (payable monthly)

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