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E-Learning Library Plans

Free Plan

Free content

  • Over 1,000 interactive multimedia e-learning courses from the Vaidusi library, free for first 90 days, after which a limited selection of courses will be available.

  • Subscribe to additional individual courses, available for unlimited access to all employees.

  • Upgrade to "Silver" or "Gold" plan anytime.

  • Employees can access courses anytime, anywhere on desktop or mobile device.

  • Basic LMS is included. Training managers can manage enrollments, monitor learning progress and get detailed reporting.

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: Free

Monthly Plan: Free

Silver Plan

Courses from following categories

  1. Manage self & personal effectiveness

  2. Manage interpersonal relationships & communications

  3. Manage people & teams

  4. Manage customers & deliver service

  5. Manage tasks & solve problems

  6. Manage information & data

  7. Develop leadership skills

  8. Develop organization

  9. Improve processes & operations

  10. Digital skills

  11. Functional management skills - Sales, Finance, HR

  12. Communicating in English at workplace

  13. Health, safety, security & environment

  14. Hospitality technical skills

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: ₹ 40,000 (payable yearly)

Monthly Plan: ₹ 48,000 (payable monthly)

Gold Plan

All courses from Silver Plan +


Courses from the following 3 categories. These are short modules, but highly interactive with collaborative peer-to-peer learning, from across the industry.

  1. Leaderspeak - insights from industry leaders

  2. Summary insights from best selling books on business, management & leadership

  3. Ask the expert - interactive discussions and questions & answers, anchored by experts on topics

Flat rate per month

Yearly Plan: ₹ 50,000 (payable yearly)

Monthly Plan: ₹ 60,000 (payable monthly)

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