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Business Introduction

About Vaidusi Systems

Vaidusi meaning "learning" in Sanskrit, provides end-to-end training solutions, services and courses for organizations, in the form of training-as-a-service. Think of Vaidusi as your organization's own training department on the cloud that works 24x7x365.

Vaidusi's solutions are high quality, yet low cost, making it affordable & accessible to all organizations.

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About Vaidusi's Courses

With over 1,000 ready-to-use e-learning content, Vaidusi is one of India's leading provider of workplace focused self-paced e-learning courses. Vaidusi's courses are interactive & collaborative, where users learn from instructions, activities and social learning with peer learners from across the industry.

For organizations that have their own LMS, Vaidusi can customize the courses & deliver the courses from the organization's own LMS.

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